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he's a stoner idc. he doesn't only just use his shades to prevent himself from turning someone into stone, but to cover up his red eyes. he's probably famous on tiktok if he has one (most likely for skateboarding) dude LOVES cooking. like let him cook for you, not only will it make him happy but it'll make your tummy happy too. convinced he's a mamas boy. deuce loves his naps. as a kid he accidentally turned himself into stone when he woke up cause he forgot his glasses.


age 17-20 (depending on rp)

birthday march 5th

sexuality bisexual king

pronouns he/him

Deuce grew up in Athens, Greece until 7 years old when he and his mother moved to Worcester, Massachusetts. He was born the son of Medusa, which his mother is not the originally written Medusa who died. Deuce’s mother was not slayed by Perseus, but almost was. Medusa was continued to be outcasted as a monster in Greece. She caught Perseus before the act could be done. Deuce grew up unknown of who his father was, of which his mother still has not told him. He and his mother have lived alone his entire life. Deuce and his mother fled Greece much similar to how Draculaura and her father did. Deuce and his mother visited the human side of town, convinced there was a barber shop that cared for snake hair. Little did they know, the invitation was a trap by discriminatory humans. When Deuce sat down in the chair, the hairdresser attempted to cut his snakes of his head. Medusa was quick to stop the barber by stoning her. With nearby humans seeing the barber stoned, they claimed Deuce and Medusa as ruthless monsters. Medusa and Deuce were quick enough to make a run to a nearby monster refugee ship, where they would be taken to Massachusetts, America.
attending monster high
While the situations that happened in Greece were traumatic and devastating for Deuce, he was genuinely happy with his new life in America. He befriended many monsters such as Heath Burns and Clawd Wolf, who became his friends all throughout middle school and continued being so in Monster High. When enrolling into Monster High through the scholarship program, he found friends in other monsters such as Gillington Webber and Ghoulia Yelps. He would then become romantic partner to Cleo de Nile, who he built connections with through the Fearleading Squad.